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Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds

9 Reasons for moving to Stroud

6 March 2017

9 Reasons for moving to Stroud

1. You learn about culture

Okay, so Stroud might not have a Topshop, but the fact the town is not as commercialised as others arguably helps you to do something different. Kitting out your room with retro furniture, taking up yoga, going to an electronic music night at SVA or even Morris dancing are all on offer to you around Stroud – and doing something different will probably give you an appreciation for the opinions of others, too.

2. Celebrities love it

Think you need to move to London to mingle with the stars? With Lily Allen, Sade, Cath Kidston and Jilly Cooper living in the area, you might find yourself mingling with some of the most well-known talent the UK has to offer.

3. The food

Stroud Farmers' Market is one of the best in Britain. The Adey's burger stand, the cuisine from Niang's Thai Snacks, the fresh veg and the cheeses all ensure that your visits leave you with an appreciation of good, local food. There are also free cheese samples, which is always a winner. The new Wednesday market means that you can now enjoy an offering of fresh produce in the week too, and with cafés in Stroud like Woodruffs, Mills and Star Anise too, what more do you need?

4. The live music

Stroud is a hotspot for street musicians, and you're unlikely to be able to do a shop in the town centre without hearing a tune. Keep an eye out for Clive "Clover" Bushell, the keyboard player, who's practically always playing in town. There are plenty of great gigs, too.

5. You can wear whatever you want and not feel judged

Impressive facial hair? Floor-length skirts? Multi-coloured knitwear? Stroud has seen practically every kind of fashion known to man.Whilst people who've grown up in other parts of the world might feel judged for their fashion choices, Stroudies are happy to throw on anything and stroll on without a care in the world.

6. Loads of surrounding villages are practically days out in themselves

With villages like Painswick (and its Church's 99 yew trees legend), Whiteshill, Amberley, Oakridge, Brownshill and Rodborough just a stone's throw from Stroud, you'll be spoilt for choice.

7. You can climb a hill or two

Stroud is full of hills –unsurprisingly, given that the area surrounding the town is known as the Five Valleys! Growing up in Stroud and its outlying villages arguably teaches you to tackle some pretty challenging inclines. What with the 21-mile annual Five Valleys Walk – which is practically an endurance feat – and the Cooper's Hill cheese rolling, Stroudies have plenty of opportunity to improve their stamina and muscles as they struggle up some tough terrain. Whilst it's unlikely you'll ever stop feeling tired walking up a hill, Stroud makes you feel like you can handle it.

8. You know the importance of making your voice heard

Voice your opinion to someone from Stroud about something you think is wrong and they will have one stock answer. Austerity cuts? Let's have a protest! People want to put the farmers' market out to tender? Let's have a protest! Houses are being built in a natural beauty spot? Let's have a protest! Whilst not all of the demonstrations in Stroud have been successful, there have been many instances where real change has been effected. When you grow up in Stroud, you learnthat when you feel something is wrong, it's worth speaking up.

9. You learn to appreciate a good view

The view of Stroud from the hills surrounding the town is unrivalled. Whilst you might want to move out when you're young, you'll most likely miss it when you're living in university halls of residence, in a busy city or in one of the flatter parts of the UK. Some say that the landscape of Stroud cannot be replicated anywhere else. It definitely is a truly unique and wonderful place in terms of both the landscape and people.

Article courtesy of Gloucestershire Live.