5 Key Questions Landlords should ask their Lettings Manager

Are You A Landlord Who Wants To Minimise The Difficulties Of Managing Your Property?

If you’re a landlord in the Cotswolds or the Vale of the White Horse and you want to minimise the difficulties of managing your property by using the services of a lettings manager, knowing the right questions to ask is key to success! At Perry Bishop our dedicated lettings team have years of experience in the field and can give you expert insight into the top five queries.

1. Is There A Designated Team For Property Lettings?

If you’ve chosen a property manager that is part of a bigger estate agency which also handles lettings, you need to determine whether there is a specific team designated solely for rental properties. Any firm that has staff whose only purpose is serving tenants and landlords is sure to perform, so ensure you’re choosing an agency that will dedicate themselves to rentals.

2. How Many Rental Properties Are You Currently Managing?

Finding out how many rental properties the lettings manager is handling currently is a good way of judging how well they perform both on a company and individual level. Too few properties could suggest the property manager is inexperienced or ineffective, but if there are too many, they might be more difficult to reach and may not give you the level of personal attention you require.

3. What Types Of Rental Properties Do You Handle?

Of course, you want their answer to reflect your property type, however, it’s also good if the lettings manager deals with a broad spectrum of apartments and houses of different types. It indicates that they are capable and experienced and have the necessary skills and knowledge to help maximise your investment.

4. Which Services Do You Offer?

All property agencies offer their own services, so finding out precisely what your chosen firm can offer is essential if you’re going to determine whether it can match your needs. Draw up your list of requirements before speaking to your prospective lettings manager so you can cover every point during the meetings. Ask about the differences between the different service packages they offer and how they measure up to their competitors in the local area.

5. What Are Your Fees?

Fees are a vital aspect of choosing a lettings agent, and they have a significant effect on the bottom line of your property rental business. You need to choose a lettings manager with fees that fit into your budget; however, be wary if the company offer their services at too low a cost – there’s bound to be a reason why.

Discover how they make their charges – whether on a fixed rate or based on percentages – and whether you can tailor a package to your requirements. Make sure to check for any hidden fees like eviction costs, finder fees, account set-up charges, maintenance costs, or viewing fees before you sign any agreement. Make sure all their fees are set down in full in writing as you’d no doubt prefer to avoid unpleasant shocks in the future.

If you’re looking for a reliable property manager for your rental property in the Cotswolds or the Vale of the White Horse, look no further than Perry Bishop.  As experts in the local property market, we’re the number one choice for landlords in our area. Get the ball rolling with a valuation by getting in touch with your nearest branch.

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