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Negotiation is a skill and unless you do it every day, you are unlikely to be very good at it. Include the emotion of buying your next home and you may be terrible at it! Fear not, if you are looking to buy somewhere else after your sale has completed, you can now take advantage of our Onward Negotiation service – designed to save you money when negotiating on your next purchase, wherever you are buying in the United Kingdom.

Speed of sale may be as important as price for the sellers of the house you want to buy
There is one goal when entering a negotiation and that is all parties must be happy with the outcome at the end of it, and that doesn’t always revolve around price. The sellers of the house you want to buy may be relocating for example, and in their case speed or certainty may be more attractive to them than £5,000 more. Some sellers will have experienced a previous sale collapse and so need to find a new buyer as soon as possible. Time may be more important to them than price.

Benefit from the service of an Expert Negotiator
The seller of the property you want to buy will have a negotiator working to get them the highest price. We will provide you with an expert, a professionally trained and experienced negotiator, to help you pay the lowest price. If we are unable to save you any money, then there is no fee. If we are successful, then we will invoice a percentage of the saving when contracts exchange*

*If you go on to buy a property which is for sale with Perry Bishop then we are unable offer this service

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