Sell Your Property Fast With The Help Of These 6 Scents!

Did you know that certain aromas can encourage prospective buyers to make an offer on your home?

Although it may appear unrealistic to think that a specific scent could speed up the sale of your home, in fact, evidence shows that certain aromas can encourage prospective buyers to make an offer! If you’re selling your property, here’s some helpful advice when it comes to scents.

Why do aromas boost property sales?

While even a delightful scent won’t convince a buyer to overlook a collapsing ceiling or rising damp, when it comes to properties that are in a good condition, enticing aromas help to evoke emotions that can inspire the prospective purchaser to make an offer.

Buyer psyche is an important element of selling anything, and when it comes to properties, it makes sense to encourage the potential buyer to feel as much at home as possible. The sense of smell has been proven to evoke memories more than any of our other senses, and if you can tap into this you can help to create positive feelings that make potential buyers far more interested in your home.

The team at Perry Bishop have been doing some scent research and we’ve come up with the top six scents to try if you want to speed up your house sale in the Cotswolds and the Vale of the White Horse!

1. Fresh Bread

It’s a cliche, but it remains one of the most popular smells of all! 37% of people report that the aroma of freshly baked bread would be most likely to encourage them to put in an offer when viewing a property. Comforting, warm, and nostalgic, it isn’t too surprising that this is the top scent contender for a fast sale.

2. Clean Linen

Just behind the aroma of fresh bread is clean linen, with 36% of people saying that the aroma of washing powder conjures up positive feelings about a home. That sense of freshness can work wonders!

3. Brewed Coffee

Although tea may be the nation’s favourite hot beverage, freshly-brewed coffee still takes one of the top spots when it comes to comforting aromas. 27% of people say that the strong and energising smell of brewed coffee would make them feel more positive about a property.

4. Newly Laid Carpet

There’s nothing quite like that new carpet smell is there? So it isn’t too surprising that a quarter of people say that this scent would encourage them to make an offer. Perhaps it’s that freshly-renovated feel that persuades them to buy?

5. Cut Grass

One of the most nostalgic aromas of all is newly-cut grass. Who doesn’t have a positive memory of playing outdoors in the summer, lawnmowers buzzing in the distance, with this distinctive scent lingering in the air?

6. Vanilla

One of the top aromas for air fresheners, vanilla is a favourite amongst 22% of people due to its clean, light, and sweet scent that makes us feel optimistic and comforted. It’s believed that vanilla helps to relieve anxiety and stress too, so if you opt for this aroma during your viewings, you could make your home feel more tranquil and calm.

Use your 6 scents – Maximise your scent potential

Although choosing the right scent for your home during viewings can help to encourage an offer, it can’t work miracles!

For a fast sale, you’ll need to make sure to:

  • Keep your property clean and well-maintained
  • Refresh the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Tidy your garden
  • Redecorate in neutral colours

As experts in the local property market, the team at Perry Bishop are ready to give you all the advice you need about selling your home in the Cotswolds and the Vale of the White Horse. Get in touch with us today.

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