Selling your home this Spring

It has been hard to miss the fact that the days are getting that little bit longer, and the temperatures a little fairer lately. With the sun shining a touch more frequently, and our gardens now coming into bloom, there’s no doubt that spring is in the air. This is a great time to sell your home with buyers more active through the spring months than any other time of the year. Follow our tips and you’ll be able to make the most of the changing of the seasons to sell your home…

Spring cleaning counts

That long-standing custom of a good spring clean is something you should take to heart if you want to sell your home quickly over the coming months. Washing all of the windows inside and out so that they sparkle, and the same for your windows and doors, will make the right impression to buyers. Make sure your home reflects the fresher spring months and ensure it is clean and bright.

Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces

With the weather perking up, people naturally cast a more critical eye on the outdoor spaces of the properties which they are looking at. After a cold winter, it is easy to leave your garden a little unkempt but passing the lawnmower over the garden (mowing diagonally will make the space look larger) and tidying up those outdoor spaces will make your property much more sellable. Although spring is coming, we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be, therefore putting a hardy outdoor mat outside the front door as well as somewhere to pop umbrellas out of the way will save unnecessary dirt and debris being brought in to your pristine property.

Spring has sprung

Fully embrace the transitioning seasons by planting flowers at your door – pop a planter outside full of cheerful tulips and daffodils to put potential buyers in the right mood. Pops of colour around the home will also translate into happy and contented buyers, who are therefore more likely to make an offer. Fresh flowers in the house will also make that all-important difference and set the right tone, so fill a few vases and put them in different rooms for a consistent wow factor.

Accessorise to the max

A few accessories can make all the difference to the overall presentation of your property and aligning these to spring is perfect for impressing your prospective buyers. Choose soft spring colours to lighten up your rooms – throws, cushions, towels and bed linens are all easy to change over to create the perfect ambiance, and you can take them with you when you sell your property.

Smells like a good deal

First impressions are absolutely imperative when it comes to selling your home, with research showing that buyers take only 8 minutes to decide whether they would like to buy a property or not. A fresh smelling property is exactly the right impression, so ensure that you have aired your property, and that there are no untoward scents. A sure-fire way to fill your home with a pleasant and attractive smell is to put some bread in the oven and set a homely, welcoming feel.

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