Should I list my property for sale if I haven’t found a new property to move to?

We are often asked whether sellers should find a property to buy before listing their home for sale on the property market. With this in mind, read further to discover expert advice and insights from our experienced agents on the best strategy for your needs.

In our experience, you should list your property for sale before you find a new home.

Why? Read on to find out more.

Having a stronger negotiating position is more likely when you discover the ideal property to purchase. Homeowners in the current climate are unlikely to accept offers from buyers with a property to sell that isn’t yet on the market.

If you list your home for sale, it proves that you are serious about moving. If you already have a purchaser for your home, you’re in an even better position. You’ll be able to make an offer on your chosen property and will be able to confidently proceed with the knowledge that your moving foundations have been firmly established.

Even if you don’t find a property you love straight away, that isn’t a problem. If your home is listed for sale, you have a head start. You don’t need to rush into selling, particularly if you haven’t found another home yet. You also have more time to play with. You have a chance to research new prospective areas and plan what you’re going to do next.

You’ll be contributing to maintaining activity in the local property market – If everyone who ever wanted to move chose to wait until they’d found another property to purchase before listing their property for sale, there would be no homes available for purchase at all! That would lead to an enormous local property market gridlock which would, in turn, impact property prices and delay the process of moving.

What should I do before listing my home For Sale? Getting a valuation for your existing home is the first thing to do if you’re ready to move as this will give you a chance to arrange your budget and finances for the move.

Once you’ve done this, talk to a mortgage advisor who will be able to help you find the right deal to suit your needs. Once you have all this information, it’s time to list your property for sale.

Here are a few things you should do before instructing an estate agent to market your property:

  • Research the areas where you may wish to buy and the type of property you’d like to purchase
  • Stay on top of the local property market
  • Get your paperwork organised and instruct a firm of reputable solicitors. Read here about “Move Ready” which will help speed up the sales process and minimise sale fall throughs.
  • Obtain pre-approval for a mortgage – a Decision in Principle (DIP) to show you are a serious buyer. Click here for Perry Bishop Mortgages.

Our team are highly skilled experts in the property market and can help you find the perfect buyer for your property.

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