Is Bringing the Outdoors Indoors the Key to Selling Your Home in the Cotswolds?

Home décor trends just keep on coming, but there’s one popular trend that seems to be a permanent fixture – bringing the outdoors indoors – and it seems that there is a scientific reason for this, since nature has been proven to have calming effects on humans.

It makes sense, then, to consider finding ways to add more greenery to your home if you’re looking to sell in the Cotswolds. But how can you create an oasis of nature that will have prospective buyers queuing up to make an offer on your house? Here are a few top tips to point you in the right direction.

Create Some Drama With Live Plants

Live plants are an obvious first choice when bringing the outdoors into your home, and the best place to begin is by adding some drama with a couple of trailing or tall plants. Placing trailing plants so that they cascade from a ledge or open shelf can be extremely effective, while a single tall plant strategically placed in your living space can be equally spectacular. One thing to remember when choosing houseplants is to pick the right containers. Terracotta or ceramic planters in neutral tones are the best options – avoid using plastic pots whenever you can.

Faux Greenery Still Works

Indoor plants may look beautiful and may inspire people viewing your property to make an offer, but real greenery can be difficult to look after. Luckily, faux plants don’t need to be watered regularly and can look just as good. The trick is to choose faux plants that look natural at a glance – after all, it’s the green appearance of plants that gives that ‘outdoors-in’ feeling that prospective buyers love. Faux succulents are particularly effective for brightening up dark rooms and are small enough to place anywhere – even on a coffee table or bookcase.

Adding Natural Elements

Bringing the outdoors inside doesn’t just mean adding plants to your room. You can enhance the effect by adding other natural elements to the space. In fact, if you use artwork, sculpture, photography, and decorative objects to represent nature and evoke the same feelings, you don’t need to add any plants to your rooms at all! Dried flower arrangements, natural-inspired objects carved from wood, pinecones, and pebbles, paired with natural materials like wicker, rattan, stone, and wood can work wonders in your home to create the impression of the outdoors indoors with minimal maintenance required.

The Perfect Finishing Touches

If you’re preparing your home for sale in the Cotswolds and are considering refreshing your home décor in readiness, you may want to choose a natural colour palette. Earthy tones, greens, and blues are all popular choices and work well with your newly introduced greenery.

If you’re ready to sell a property in the Cotswolds, the team here at Perry Bishop is on hand and ready to help.  We look forward to helping you find a new home for you and your pot plants!

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